Vital Health Care

about us

Vitals Healthcare is the pioneer in Corporate Health Care, First Aid Training, Basic Life Support, Fire safety ,Evacuation drill ,Occupational Safety, Ergonomics and Disaster Management.We have been successfully conducting training programs and workshops and creating awareness in first-aid, medical emergencies ,fire and safety.In the process we have delivered world class training programs and demonstration classes to our participants to handle most emergencies.

We provide healthcare services, setting up and maintenance of on-site medical clinics,ambulance services and ergonomic assessments.We also supply reliable and quality First aid kits,Emergency kits ,Fire fighting, Safety and Security equipments.Our clients includes major IT/ITES companies,industries, hospitals, hotel industries, school colleges and residential complexes.Vitals Healthcare has a team of highly qualified doctors, emergency physicians,fire safety instructors,nurses,nutritionist and healthcare professionals. Our services will be of high standards and shall be valuable to your organization. Vitals healthcare aims at providing cost effective services and quality beyond the expectations of our clients.

Vital Health Care

Vital Health Care


"Vitals Health Care, in collaboration with our partners, will provide the highest quality, cost effective, trainings and services to organisations care to promote the health,safety and well-being of the people in the communities."

Vital Health Care


"We are committed to provide first class friendly safety and health care services with the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes."

Vital Health Care


" Vitals Health Care situated 201, 3rd C Cross, HRBR Layout,3rd Block, Kalyan Nagar ,Bangalore. "

Our Values

Service Excellence

We hold ourselves to a very high standard of performance. We prize innovative ideas and the teamwork it takes to make them realities. We never stop asking ourselves how we can make the member experience better, and every day, we find an answer.


It creates a work environment based on teamwork, encouragement, trust, concern, honesty, and responsive communication among all employees and our members.


Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. It drives our commitment to provide quality services and our commitment to honest, up-front, and respectful relations with our members, providers, business partners, vendors, and fellow employees.


Makes us accountable for, and accept the consequences of, our behaviour. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We can be relied upon to perform our job duties honestly and efficiently. We are all responsible for adhering to the highest lawful and ethical standards.